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Universities ignoring own English standards for financial gain

Australian universities have been waiving their own English entry standards in a bid to admit more high-paying international students.

Some universities have waived English requirements for international studentsThe body representing education agents in India says international students should take an independent English test. Academics at some universities say they are seeing increasing numbers of academic misconduct cases in some courses

It comes as academics have told the ABC's Four Corners program that they are seeing record numbers of academic misconduct cases and increasing numbers of international students who are struggling.

Academics have shared stories of foreign students using phone apps to translate university lectures and students in postgraduate IT courses who were unsure how to use a computer or a USB drive.

Under changes to streamline the student visa system in 2016, the Federal Government gave universities greater responsibility to determine whether students from some countries were genuine temporary entrants to Australia, and to ensure their English ability was satisfactory.

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