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Top 10 things you can do to improve your international performance

Most Universities invest a huge amount of time, resources and money in trying to improve its international recruitment performance. They try really hard to find the one the right approach and, let’s face it, the secret ingredient that will help them out perform others.

However, our research and experience has shown that the secret to recruitment performance is based on a wide range of factors, most notably a touch of good luck. We have pulled together ten simple things that each institution should look at in order to improve their return on investment. Here are 10 things you should consider:

1- Less is more

With our most successful clients, we always strongly recommend being ruthless about the recruitment channels they use and keep the number of relationships to a minimum. A refined focus allows them to provide exceptional relationship management levels rather than a scattergun approach.

2- Focus

Some Universities can offer up to 500 programmes to international students. However, our research has shown that most South Asian students are only interested in about 30 subject areas. By focusing your recruitment activities on core subjects, it allows to define your market position and allows your recruitment team to build their own expertise.

3- Treat your agents like a partner

OneStep are deliberately don’t operate on a commission basis and are in no way a master agent. We help colleges to work in partnership with our extensive agent network. One of the few conditions we place upon our clients is, where they are using agents, that they treat them like a partner rather than merely a service provider.

4- Don’t see commission as an expense

Commission rates can range from 10% to 30%, depending on a wide range of factors. Clearly, the more successful you are, the more commission you will pay. In some instances, commission is the single biggest expense many institutions will have. Commission should not be seen as additional cost. If managed correctly, your agent network can save you significant in-market office expenses and, in many cases, can be built into your fee structure.

5- Consistency in quality

Whether you are a globally ranked University or a private college with ambitious targets, consistency in your approach and entry requirements is vital. Too often, colleges try to adjust their entry requirements without consideration for their own position and wider market considerations.

6- Have a ‘one team’ approach

Where you have in-market representation with a service provider, such as OneStep, it is exceptionally important that your overseas team members feel part of their client’s International Office.

7- Think long-term

The path to success is not linear. Quite often institutions will see small growth while they focus on new areas or new recruitment channels, but in year two or three see huge increases, without doing anything greatly different.

8- Have a clear proposition

It is too easy for many institutions to roll out their domestic recruitment marketing to international students. International students have different demands, expectations and ambitions, so it is important that you look to address these at every opportunity.

9- Think retention

One of our core missions is to professionalise the Regional Representation role. We are fully committed to working with our clients to train, develop and retain their staff members. Finding great team members is difficult and something we pride ourselves on. We do everything we can to make sure that they are happy, have a great work/life balance, produce results and want to stay with clients for the foreseeable future.

10- ROI should be the primary goal

When looking at an overseas office, the range of quality in service providers is incredible. Whether we are pitching to a new client or helping a college decide what structure they want, we always try to get institutions to focus on return on investment rather than the cheapest option. Quite simply, do you want to spent $10k to bring in $100k or spend $20k to bring in $300k.

At OneStep, we believe that we can outperform any of our competitors and for that reason have no long cancellation periods or restrictive clauses. We believe our clients will stay with us if we continue to produce results.

OneStep Global work with clients in the education sector from around the world. We understand the challenges our clients face and help them to produce sustainable, quality drive growth.

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