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The world is going through an unprecedented crisis and international education is looking at an uncertain future. In these testing times, having an in-country representative is even more important than ever.

OneStep global a specialised company on in-country representation and stakeholder management, which helps global education institutions achieve tangible business results.

But there are many ways to have an in-country representative, why will one use OneStep global?

Excellent understanding of the Indian education sector:- OneStep global has an excellent understanding of the Indian education sector and the mindset of Indian students. All of us have several years of experience and expertise in student recruitment and partnerships. We provide actual insights and not jargon!

Dedicated resource for the institution:- We believe that each partner of ours should have dedicated resources working solely for the institution so that there is consistency and a focus on performance. We employ the best in business and they don’t like to be part-time!

Cost-effective and sustainable option:- We run a lean and slick operation to make it cost-effective and sustainable for our partners. In a situation like what we all are facing today, saving unnecessary expenses will play a significant role. Our main motto is to improve the cost per acquisition for all our clients.

Complete transparency and accountability:- Each of our clients knows what they will be spending on what (salaries, office, central costs) at the onset of the partnership and we will like to keep it that way, there is an astute focus to keep the model transparent. We don’t work on commissions but we are happy to have targets – thus proves our accountability.

No long term or contractual obligations:- We believe that our performance should be the only reason for any partnership, not a watertight contract. This also allows the freedom for the clients to formulate their plans better.

A happy team:- Our team members are the most valued asset of our company, as they say ‘you treat your employees well so that they treat the customers better’ – at OneStep we believe in this!

Education and only Education:- We are a market entry firm, firmly created to work only on international education. We help colleges and universities develop and implement strategies that guarantee growth.

We look forward to speaking to you and if you want to know more about us please visit us at www.onestep.global or follow us on our social media channels.

Stay safe and best wishes to you and your family.


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