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Enhancing educational linkages between India and the United Kingdom

In the wake of the New Education Policy, 2020, OneStep Global and Scoo News is organising a session on "Enhancing educational linkages between India and the United Kingdom"

Join us, as we discuss the educational linkage between India and United Kingdom, understand the mentality of Indian students and get to know how United Kingdom as a destination can cater to their aspirations.


Manit Jain, Co-founder, Heritage Group of Schools & Chairperson, FICCI ARISE


1. Mirza Mujic, Senior Regional Manager (South Asia, Middle East and North Africa), Nottingham Trent University

2. Neil Austin, Head of International Recruitment, University of Stirling

3. Lt. Gen Surendra Kulkarni, Director, Mayo College 

4. Siddharth Singh, Director, The Emerald Heights International School

Event details - Date: Wednesday, 14th October 2020 | Time: 04:00 PM IST