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Does Regional Representation help? Especially now?

The Coronavirus pandemic smashed all the routines this month, forcing hundreds of thousands of undergraduates to scatter from campuses around the country, return from study abroad and hunker down at home. They will still be taking classes, but remotely, with cell phones and laptops for at least a few weeks and perhaps the rest of the school year.

What follows further is not a business message. In these crucial times, where the COVID-19 outbreak poses a major threat to the nation’s economy and health of the population across the globe, the education sector is at high risk. In these times, does a regional market representation helps in these circumstances? Given the expenses involved?

We think it does and here is our take on the same.

Managing on ground relationships and expectations

The presence of an on-ground member in the very same time zone as that of the students, agents, partners helps any institution to keep the momentum high and even the colleges and universities are closed the on-ground relationship does not suffer.

Interpreting the correct information

In this day and age of information, a lot of times it has been witnessed that information has been misleading. A news update coming through a flawed medium can very often be misunderstood or taken in a different manner, whereas someone representing the institution in the market assures passage of correct information.

Handling queries

The travels are shut, flights cancelled, campuses closed. Students are reaching out in big numbers to the helplines with a million questions in their heads. An in-country representative understands the problem and provides high quality, effective and speedy service.

Bounce back 

For any institution that does have an in-country presence (anywhere in the world) will be a lot easier to bounce back as and when the crisis is over. 

Thus in these testing times, it becomes imperative for global institutions to support their in-country representatives so that they remain motivated and focused on the job at hand. 

Stay safe and remember we are all on this together!