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Over the next few weeks Dublin City University will be running a campaign called #DCUinDecember, the aim of which is to bring together holiday stories of the DCU Community from around the globe. We are asking DCU students, staff and alumni to record a short video clip talking about the holidays you celebrate and what they most enjoy about them: Is it the food? The festivities? Spending time with friends and family? "Tells us about you, your celebrations and we will bring all your stories together in a collaborative video." says Colum Cronin, Senior International Officer, DCU. "Perhaps you celebrate Eid or Diwali, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, perhaps you're a humanist who celebrates World Humanist Day. Maybe it’s a festival in your local area or a special event that happens more infrequently. Whatever it is we want to hear about it – we are inviting your stories." he adds.

Find below a short video example/explainer and start sending in your entries to colum.cronin@dcu.ie.