Operations Manager

Gurugram, India | Permanent | OneStep Global | 5-7 years

Key responsibilities


New Staff orientation

  • Arrange for the interview for any new hiring

  • Issue offer/contract

  • Arrange a new laptop, phone, business cards, and email addresses

  • Arrange travel to client campus

  • Arrange an induction program

Existing staff

  • Arrange monthly performance reviews

  • Track leaves and holidays

  • Track compensatory leaves



Arrange travel for larger client parties (e.g. 5+)

General Operations

  • The incumbent will be responsible for the overall operations and administration of the company

  • The incumbent should be responsible for all necessary communications with the estate managers/landlords of the building/ cleaning staff/ IT


  • Liaise with vendors for the ordering of purchases

  • Follow up to ensure on-time delivery of purchases


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