A cost-effective and sustainable option

We are aware of the different similar models for in-country representation. Our model has been designed to maintain quality but not abnormal pricing for our partners.


We believe in an open and transparent pricing model wherein our clients know on how much they are spending and exactly on what. We run a lean and technology driven operations to keep our central costs low and effective.


A robust but lean operational model so that overhead costs can be limited

Central teams working in our Finance, Marketing and Human Resource department form an excelled support system for the account managers


Our main motto is to improve the cost per acquisition for all our clients

Cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality and a transparent pricing model so that the client is aware of the expenses


Usage of technology platforms like Expensify, Zoho, Hana, etc.  have enabled us to deliver transparent and sustainable solutions for our clients

Overall accountability as we encourage a target driven environment